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Sponge Iron is a recognized alternative to steel scrap as a raw material for the manufacture of various steel products. The twin issues of rapid depletion of Coking Coal reserves and the scarcity of indigenous scrap, made the Government of India support production of sponge iron in the country. We mishri international are supplier, trader, distributor of Sponge iron,pig iron, gas based sponge iron, coal based sponge iron, in rajkot, gujarat, india.


Manufacturing process:

The reduction of Iron Ore can be achieved by using either carbon bearing material, such as non-coking coal or a suitable reducing gas in the form of reformed natural gas. The processes employing coal are known as solid-reluctant of coal-based processes while those employing reducing gases are known as gas-based processes. Sponge Iron produced by gas-based process is normally hot briquette and hence it is also known as Briquetted Iron (HBI).

In the decade 1990-2000 the total sponge iron production was distributed as follows:



4 Million Tonnes



3 Million Tonnes


  • Sponge Iron is one of the most important and the basic raw materials required for the production of various steel/iron based products like TMT bars, D.I Pipes etc.
  • Sponge Iron is a part–substitute for steel scrap used for manufacturing steel by electrical arc furnaces and induction furnaces.
  • Steel melting scrap is primarily required for using as a feed material in all mini steel plant that use this scrap for melting in electric arc furnace/induction furnace to manufacture steel.
  • Sponge Iron is also good suitable material for using as a coolant in LD converters of the Integrated Steel Plants.